Castle Health Centre

The design comprises two individual blocks joined by a glazed ribbon at the entrance that allows natural daylight into an internal two storey atrium.
In order to maximise the building’s footprint the block to the south has a form that fits into the curved corner of the site. This block has pitched south facing roof housing solar panels. The pitched roof of the curved block also shades the glazed link from direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day whilst still retaining the benefits of solar gain during the early morning and late evening. The lower adjacent “block” has been set back from the proposed pavement (in order to create a confidentiality gap between the public pathway and internal consulting space) and the rear wall has been angled to “open up” the parking area at the rear.

Project Floor Area:


Project Commenced / Completed:

Commissioned commenced: Autumn 2002
Completed Summer 2004